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Where is my money? Venus knows or Big girls need Big diamonds

Knowing the sign of your Venus♀️ will make it work in your favor;)

♀️Venus in Fire signs:

♈️ Aries:

Don't spare your spendings! (yes sounds absurd, but Venus in fire signs hate stagnation and only earth signs should save! Wear diamonds and red color gems

♌️Leo (more you invest in your Self, more will come back to you(wearing gold has powerful effect on your finances;)

♐️Sagittarius(buy airplane tickets on 1st opportunity as traveling only expands your financial allowance!

🌍Wear amethyst!

♀️ in Earth signs:

♉️Taurus(save and save more;) you only get richer, however spending on good quality food will only increase your resources;)Wear Agate.

♍️Virgo(you are the best accountant and at organizing expenses, saving on sales will only enhance your income. Invest in office supplies. Wear malachite.

♑️Capricorn-Lucky you! Out of all signs you have best relationship with money! Wear black or navy blue with some sapphires and there will be no mountain you can't conquer!

♀️ in Air signs:

♊️Gemini(your riches are your contacts! Use them wise)Upgrade your gadgets and wear christopaz!

♎️Libra("Beautiful me" is your money magnet 🧲 Pleasant strategy to increase your finances- your ruler is Venus herself, so you get all the best;) Wear opal or Rose quartz!

♒️Aquarius(oh my weirdos, just keep being not like everyone else hehe, freelance work only! Don't frame or put yourself in a restricted schedule while wearing obsidian or some rare outer space stones;)

Venus in Water signs:

♋️ Cancer: Wear pearls and moon stones. More you give-more you receive back!(however always keep saving account as security is your 2nd favorite after care;)

♏️ Scorpio: Spend money to make more💰, your risk and adrenaline will boost your incomes! Trading or investing will be your optimal strategy and don't forget to put on your tigers eye! 👁

♓️ Pisces:

The only ones can legally apply "money meditations" in their routine. Your intuition is your main money channel, use it with care while wearing any crystals🔮 that attract your inner eye 😸

This is just a little teaser of what you get on Venus Liberated course, I created specifically for those who are looking to improve their financial personal life ❤️ 💰

Dm for booking

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