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12 Hidden Secrets of Women's Love

❤Guys will find extremely helpful the sign of Mars in their beloved soul formula💎,this represents her fantasies,shows who she is really attracted to and what expectations she got when it comes to men.Here is short description of desirable men's archetype based on the sign of Mars is Her formula:

#1♂️Mars in ♈Aries:alfa male,masculine,conquerer,wild,primal,loud,hostile,loves cars and weapons,lots of hair

#2♂️Mars in ♉Taurus:commas on bank account,prolonged love making,loves gourmet food,lots of touch

#3♂️Mars in ♊Gemini:intellectual flirt,young,talkative,funny,charming,witty,clever,soccer player is a +,sweet talker,might become responsible in later years

#4♂️Mars in ♋Cancer:emotional,caring,henpecked,family oriented,loves children,good cook

#5♂️Mars in ♌Leo:king,noble,generous,charismatic,ambitious,celebrity,starboy,egoist,loves children though,selfish

#6♂️Mars in ♍Virgo:non romantic one,good credit score,perfectionist,practical,rational,detail oriented,brings everything home lol

#7♂️Mars in ♎Libra:good looking,gentle,intellingent,peaceful,feminine,smells like good cologne and dresses well

#8♂️Mars in ♏Scorpio:sex machine,intuitive,likes to make up after dramatic fight,tough,control freak,jealous one

#9♂️Mars in ♐Saggitarrius:VIP,foreigner,lawyer,politician,professor,social butterfly,traveler,adventures addict,party animal,player

#10♂️Mars in ♑Capricorn:the only one who takes marriage seriously⬅️ 💍👌,loyal,boss,career and goal oriented,strict

#11♂️Mars in ♒Aquarius:weirdo,free bird,commitment issues,genius,clever,original,different,friendly,does better in civil marriage then actual one due to love of freedom

#12♂️Mars in ♓Pisces:romantic,creative,artistic,musical,sensual,enigmatic,can be a skillful lier,smooth operator,obsessed with intimacy

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