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Are you compatible?Find out!

💜How to find out if you and your partner are compatible from astropsychological point of view?💫The fundamentals of course are the positions of Venus♀️and Mars♂️ in partners charts especially when they intertwine(for example if his Venus and her Mars are of the same sign,or the sign of her Mars would be in the center of his soul formula thereby showing the qualities of an ideal match and vice versa).Soul formula💎is the only method that shows what planets are on the orbits,which is an additional key🔒🔑 to understand what kind of energy he/she is gonna look for in the partner in different times of their life.Also here is the check list of other important aspects that need to be taken in consideration when analyzing compatibility:

💌Amount of centers(partner with 2 and more centers is more diverse would consider his other half boring in case of only 1 center)

💌Mercury(direct or retrograde) will show your channel of communication and if you are able to understand each other,examine lies.

💌The karmic node is the most important aspect.Basically your mission of incarnation.In case if it coincides-the couple wouldn't last long unfortunately due to boths lack of experience💔.Better when the nodes are opposite-partners can enrich each other experience and create more harmonious and lasting union.

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